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He'd be brilliant someday—right now it was still all mixed together with a boyish happy-go-luckiness. Maddie was surprised at just how much her brother had filled out.

He was an all-state swimmer during high school, that much was true, but senior year had appeared to add some height and muscle mass to that gangly mess of limbs that had helped him cut through water so fast.

Maddie loved her parents, but they were a little too squeaky-clean for the some of the sinful ambitions of her young, adult life.

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He saw his sister sitting on a wooden bench enjoying a Frappuccino while she waited.

Her mid-length tawny brown hair was up in a cute ponytail.

It also wasn't as if he and his sister didn't get along.

Growing up, Maddox and Maddie had been incredibly close.

She had sort of a Sara Hyland vibe—the actress from Modern Family—and her behavior seemed similar to that of the character from the show.

Maddox had always liked that character whenever the show came on, as it reminded him of his sister for reasons he didn't realize at the time.

He knew they wouldn't be able to say no when he asked if he could go on vacation somewhere by himself or with some of his friends over the summer before college started.

He'd attacked at their weakest moments of parental pride and of course they'd said yes.

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